Tuesday, August 5, 2014

          The wedding of our daughter Sarah to her partner Ali is getting close. It starts next week! Every day I receive another e-mail from Sarah giving me more tasks to do during the wedding events. Among other jobs, I get to be the taxi driver between the train station and the house. It will give me a chance to meet many of Sarah's friends.
          I'm also looking forward to the two day Appalachian Trail backpacking trip that will be a part of our pre-wedding celebration. I bought new boots for the big occasion since my old boots are now about thirty years old. I bought them for my first backpacking trip back in 1985 on the AT in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Lori and I got those boots broken in with a ten day hike over challenging terrain.  We cherish many memories from 1985 - what an adventure! I'm sure we'll be making more memories next week.
         Sarah sent me the details of the wedding service she and Ali are planning. It will be a unique and amazing celebration involving over fifty people. They believe in the "priesthood of all believers". I will play a much smaller role than what I usually have at weddings.
        I've been praying and discerning and talking about whether I should sign the marriage license for Sarah and Ali. I have sensed God saying to me, "You have to do it, Michael." God help me.


  1. I am excited for Sarahs wedding, too!

  2. I think signing the license was the bold step of a kindhearted servant.